Burg Altena, Germany
Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex
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Staff as at November 2002
Cleaning Staff of the Museum Complex

Mr Klaas Eland - Museum Manager Mrs Anita Marx - Financial Manager Mr John Thackray - Head Maritime Information Officer / External Relations Mrs Estie Kolesky - Maritime Information Officer / General Services Mr Stoffel Smalberger - Head Shell Information Officer / External Relations Mrs Belinda von Schutz - Shell Information Officer / General Services Mrs Tracey MacDonald - School bookings / Volunteers / General Mrs Erna Marx - Cultural Historical Information Officer Mrs Elza Mizon - Caravel Guide Mrs Nora Hermanus - Caravel Guide Ms Candice April - Administration Mrs Cornelia Domingo - Curio Shop Assistant Mrs Lyn Kellerman - Coffee Shop Assistant Mrs Sarah Lombard - Cleaner Mrs Ria Kannemeyer - Cleaner Mrs Elise Levendal - Cleaner Mrs Maria Muller - Cleaner Mrs Nozukile Dyonte - Cleaner Mrs Rosalie Janssen - Cleaner Mr Jonathan Kocks - Faktotum Mr Brenden Petersen - General Worker Mr Persent Samuels - Gardener Mr Ben Lombard - Gardener Mr Kruger Moggee - Security Ms Nadia Meyer - Finances Ms Zelda Sauls - Reception Mrs Conrelia Domingo - Curio Shop Ms Lynn Kellerman - Coffee Shop

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