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Renishaw Hall Wine
White and Sparkling

Yes thats right. Home grown wine in Derbyshire. Can this be right, well yes it is. Since 1976 Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell have been growing wine up in the hills of Derbyshire. It was tried in several place within the 5000 acre park, before the ideal place was found in a walled gardens where the farmer once grew potates. It was trial and error at the start and for many years, the estate got only a 100 bottles back, but these days it has increased to 500 white and 100 sparkling and yes it all is sold to a adoring public, who cannot get enough of it, because visitors buy it either in the caseload or buy the bottle. To keep up with demand new rows of vines where planted several years ago and this should increase yeald in 2005.

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