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Photographic department
German soldiers at the Balkan front (photo Zupancic)

The photographic, diafilm, film and video materials housed by the photographic department represent today interesting historical and archival wealth and numbers approximately 1.100.000 photographic shots (450.000 positives), 40 diafilms, 850 diapositives and 1.500 metres of filmstreep. All this has been done by professional and amateurish photographers and cameramen who have preserved forever the visual image of the time going back to the 2nd half of the 19th century. Most of the material illustrates the events from the Slovenian ethnical territory and the countries Slovenians were part of (Austro-Hungary, Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia). Shots from World War II, especially the National Liberation War are the best arranged (thematically, temporally and locally), which enables quite a detailed pictorial survey of the events during World War II in Slovenia and Yugoslavia and in all battlefields around the world in which Slovenians participated in fightings. All the material is divided into five periods, sorted into thematical groups which are further arranged by individual keywords.

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