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Wibaux Museum - Pierre Wibaux House & Office
Pierre Wibaux House & Office

The Pierre Wibaux House & Office is listed on the Register of National Historic Places. Completed in 1892 by Pierre Wibaux of the W Ranch and Henry Boice of the Berry Boice Cattle Company, its four rooms served as office space and sleeping quarters for both men when they needed to stay in town. Within a year of its construction Mr. Wibaux bought our Boice's interest in the property and became the sole owner. It originally faced north on the corner of Wibaux Street and Orgain Avenue. In 1903 the property was purchased by W. A. Orgain for the purpose of building a larger General Store. Orgain moved the existing structure to the rear of the lot and turned it to face west - its present location. The Orgain Mecantile store was built on the front of the lot. That building still exists and is now the home of the Shamrock Club. The Wibaux house was used as a private residence until falling into disrepair. In 1972 concerned citizens of Wibaux purchased the house and began restoration. Today it is the focal point of the Wibaux Museum, and holds several artifacts that originally belonged to the Wibaux family and other remnants of Wibaux County's colorful past. The photograph used on our home page is of the front veranda of the Pierre Wibaux House.

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