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Wibaux Museum - Montana Centennial Train Car
Montana Centennial Train Car

In the early 1960's tourism was becoming an increasingly important part of the economy of most states, Montana included. In an effort to boost its share of the tourism industry Montanans came up with the idea of the Montana Centennial Train. It was to present the bounties of the ?Treasure State? to large groups of people around our nation. It contained several cars, brightly painted and with interesting murals, like the one pictured on the left. These cars contained artifacts of Montana history; gold, silver, and gems; and other interesting items relating to our great state. It also was made up of cars that carried horses, and cowboys, and wagons, and the like. Stops were scheduled all over the nation. When the train reached its destination the riders would put on a wild west parade. The parade would entice the spectators to visit the train, witness the splendors of Montana, and hopefully, take a trip to Montana. In 1964 the Montana Centennial Train pulled into New York City for an extended stay. The train was Montana?s exhibit in the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. In the mid 1970?s five of the train cars were given to small Montana towns to be used a visitor centers. Wibaux used this car as a visitor center for 25 years, until the state built a rest area and visitor center nearer the freeway. Today it is part of the Wibaux Museum and houses one of the rarest exhibits in the world. Truly, a one of a kind find. Only a handful of people have ever laid there eyes on these items. What is it? Something that has great significance to the history of this country - heck, to the history of this continent. And, no, it is not some old dinosaur bones. The Montana Centennial Train Car houses those old bones, too. Bones that you can not only see, but the donor has requested that they be allowed to be handled, too! No, this display contains items much, much more valuable than that. Items that are not found anywhere else in the world. ? The Montana Centennial Train was set up to tease people into visiting Montana. You don?t think we would tell you what this display contains here, do you? Become one of the handful to witness this display. Plan a trip to Big Sky Country soon, and experience first hand the incredible treasures to be found in Wibaux, Montana USA.

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