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Wibaux Museum
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Wibaux Museum - Old Wibaux Barber Shop
Old Wibaux Barber Shop

In the early days Wibaux Street was the home of a row of white washed, frame buildings. Next to the Bilyeu Hotel, sharing the same boardwalk, one would find the Bushell & Chappell Land Office. In the early 1900's Bushell & Chappell distributed a 20 page circular published by the Wibaux County Development League. The circular promoted Wibaux Counties "Corn, Cattle, and Clover"; and "Pigs, Poultry, and Prosperity". Homesteaders were courted, and homesteaders came. Reproductions of this interesting and amusing document are available through the Wibaux Museum. Later, this small structure became the Wibaux Barber Shop. Today, it shares a boardwalk with the Pierre Wibaux House & Office. Instant images of the Norman Rockwell barber shop painting spring into mind as one approaches the quaint old building. Could there be a squirming young lad in the chair? Is there a dusty cowboy waiting, or perhaps, a cigar smoking banker? Can you hear the razor against the strop, feel the hot lather, smell the lotion? The chair remains in the Old Wibaux Barber Shop. More recently, we have added other interesting displays, like the oldest indoor bathroom found in Montana, maps of Pierre Wibaux's gold mine near Deadwood, South Dakota, and original oil paintings. Step back into those old feel good times. Visit The Old Wibaux Barber Shop, soon!

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