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Wibaux Museum
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Wibaux Museum - "The Park"
The Grounds at Pierre Wibaux House

Step into the Wibaux Park surrounding the complex and discover a carefully crafted oasis. Pierre brought his French gardener with him to tend to his gardens of Cottonwoods and flowers and while we can not promise you a French gardener we can promise you a delightful walk through the grounds. Stately cottonwood trees wave in the breeze, softly scented lilacs bloom in the spring, pink Poppies, bright Holly Hocks and yellow Snap Dragons flash color in the summertime while bright golds and reds await you in the autumn. The garden includes a grotto crafted of native rocks like agate, petrified wood and lava. In the grotto, surrounded by flowers of red, yellow, blue and purple stands a fountain of a graceful Grecian-like woman collecting water, her infants sitting astride her hip and at her feet. We invite you to listen to the trickling fountain, walk along the banks of the Beaver Creek, or enjoy a picnic lunch on our grounds. Pierre intended for his guests to enjoy his "park" and we hope you enjoy your visit.

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