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Wibaux Museum - Pierre Wibaux Statue
Pierre Wibaux Statue

An excerpt from the Beach, North Dakota Advance as quoted in the Wibaux Pioneer, July 10, 1914. "... the wind and storms of the coming years will descend with fury from the hills on either side and bat against the statue as if it would wash away from that lonely spot the beautiful work that the trained hand of the sculptor had fashioned. But as a semblance to the man for whom it was erected the character of that granite rock will not be changed by the heat of the noonday sun or the wrath of the howling tempest but likened unto the memory of him, it will stand for centuries". * From Pierre Wibaux's Last Will and Testament. "Life with some object in sight, some purpose to fulfill is good to live, but it is not a joke, it is a very serious matter. As an atom in the universe I have played my part and would not care to live my life over again, however, had I an opportunity to do so, I would try to do better and accomplish greater things.... When death lays her hand on me I will face her like a man and I hope to entertain no bitter feelings. Then if some part of my being is still conscious when this document comes to light, the best of me will remain with my son, the friends I have dearly loved and my unfinished work." * Mr. Wibaux's work continues in this town by the industrious citizens of Wibaux presently residing here and through this town by the citizens removed. * "The above quotations were taken from Pierre Wibaux, Bad Lands Rancher by Donald Welsh, foremost Pierre Wibaux Historian. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Welsh for his dedication and excellent work.

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