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Wibaux Museum
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Wibaux Museum - Saint Peters Church
St. Peters Church

The old Saint Peters Catholic Church is a truly stunning structure. Located on Orgain Avenue a short distance from the Museum Complex, it is one of the featured buildings on the Wibaux walking tour. Although a stained glass window in the back of the church reads, "Through the generosity of Pierre Wibaux this church was dedicated to St. Peter in 1895", it was built at the insistance of Achille Wibaux, Pierre's father. The senior Wibaux was concerned about the spiritual welfare of the French people that Pierre was bringing to the United States to work for him and had asked his son where they worshipped. Pierre indicated that they had a Priest come from Miles City from time to time, but there was no church in Wibaux. Shortly thereafter the town recieved its first place of Worship. It was originally a wood sided structure. In 1938 the citizens of Wibaux covered St. Peters in Lava Rock, giving it the unique and beautiful appearance that it retains to this day. In the spring and summer, as pictured here, the Wood Vine covers the rock walls on both sides of the building; the green covering appropriately lending an old world appeal to the Gothic style church.

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