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Wibaux Museum
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Wibaux Museum - Wibaux Historic District
Wibaux Historic District

Most of the historic business district of Wibaux, Montana is situated on either side of our one block Main Street - two small blocks that are large in the history of the Badlands region. By todays standards this is a peaceful and quiet street; yesterday this was a bustling center of commerce. Once the largest shipper on the Northern Pacific line, Wibaux's business district flourished. A number of banks, saloons, stables, general stores and other businesses made their home in Wibaux. Business was robust and the city was, for the times, a technological marvel. The local economy supported amenities like electrical and telephone service before most larger cities could afford the technology in any quantity. Many cattle drives from Texas ended in Wibaux and the cowboys were anxious to leave much of their pay at the local establisments. This is the place where president to be, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, earned the nickname "Old Four Eyes". Cowboys delighted in shooting up the local merchants signage and the telegraph office, as well as making the tinhorns "dance". The spent cartridges from the cowboy's six guns were so numerous that one enterprising saloon owner turned them into one of the early concrete sidewalks. Much of what the Badlands pioneers built is still here and waiting for you in the Wibaux Historic District. Join us and experience western history the way it really was. TOUR MENU

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