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exhibition hall 1896

In the 17th century the "Gymnasium Illustre", accommodated in the former Katharinen monestry, owned some curiossities and some stuffed animals - increased by privately owned objects - which went into the possession of the Gesellschaft Museum. 1776 Founding of the "Physikalische Gesellschaft", a reader's company with the aim of opening a gallery of natural history specimens, the so called Naturalienkabinett. 1783 Renaming into "Gesellschaft Museum", following this, collections and seprate items of any natural historical provenance were acquired, either through donation, exchange or purchase. 1808 The collections increased that rapidly, that moving into a larger domicile at the Domshof/Ecke Schuesselkorb was inevitable. 1837 The building had to be extended, because of lack of space, as the collections increased further more. 1864 Founding of the "Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein", which takes over the natural history specimens of the gallery Gesellschaft Museum 1872 Founding of an "anthropological committee" with their own collections. 1875 Takeover of both collections into the ownership of the town under the name of "Staedtische Sammlungen fuer Naturgeschichte und Ethnographie" (municipal collection for natural history and ethnography)

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