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Sergei Parajanov Museum
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On the photo: A.Akaev (Kirghizstan), E.Rakhmonov (Tadjikistan), N.Nazarbaev (Kazakhstan), R.Kocharjan (Armenia), V.Putin (Russia), A.Lukoshenko (Byelorussia) and Z.Sargsyan (director of Sergei Parajanov museum). On May,24-25 2001 in Yerevan took place the Council of the chapters of the states, included in the Agreement of collective safety. Into this Agreement entered six states of the former USSR - Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia, Tadjikistan. In the evening of May,24 in the Yerevan museum of the great film director Sergei Parajanov the president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has arranged informal supper for his colleagues, presidents V.Putin, A.Lukashenko, A.Akaev, N.Nazarbaev and E.Rakhmonov. The magnetic atmosphere of the internationally known film director has arranged the presidents to friendly dialogue "without ties". Previously, up to supper, the high-ranking visitors of the president of Armenia and Parajanov Museum have attentively examined the museum's exposition. The presidents have made entries in the Book of the guests of honour. Vladimir Putin, in particular, has written, that he has familiarized with the life of the great son of Armenian people Sergei Parajanov with big emotion and he is considered his creative activity as general property. After "presidential" visit the popularity of museum already known in the world for a long time has sharply increased. In the summer of this year the museum of Sergej Parajanov will celebrate the decade.

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