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Portage Station Museum
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The Portage Station Museum
presented by The Portage Area Historical Society

The Portage Station Museum is a two story brick train depot located at 400 Lee Street, Portage, PA. Built in 1926 by John T. Gray and Son, it served as a station on the Pennsylvania Railroad until 1954. The stationmaster's office and a waiting area for passengers were located on the first floor. After buying their tickets, passengers would walk up a set of concrete steps located at the center of the railroad underpass. A small waiting room between sets of tracks provided shelter here. After the station closed, the Knights of Columbus used the building for several years. Later, Stager Enterprises bought it for storage purposes. Thanks to the generosity of the Stager family, the building became the home of the Portage Area Historical Society in 1991. In 1999, the Portage Area Historical Society won a Keystone Grant to make sure the building was brought up to standards. The work was completed over an 18 month period and the Portage Station Museum reopened in October 2001. The various phases of the work were published in the Newsletters and it was exciting to see the project progress. Renovations Under the Keystone Grant Our museum is being transformed. It is so exciting to see the renovations being completed. The walls and ceilings on both floors have been painted; the yellow pine second floor has been refinished and is beautiful. The first floor has been redone to look just like the original, but of course, it looks brand new and just gorgeous. Upstairs the florescent lights have been replaced with hanging lights replicating the originals, and all other old and dangerous wiring has been replaced. Our handicap-accessible ramp to the first floor is in place, and the new outside steps are done. There is lots of volunteer work to do now, such as putting the artifacts back in the cases, making new labels, all sorts of cleaning and loads of paperwork and filing. If you can give an hour here and there, any help will certainly be appreciated-just call any board member.

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