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National Museum of Contemporary History
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For hire

The National Museum of Contempory History, Ljubljana, Celovška 23, represented by the director, Jože Dežman, offers for hire Ceremonial Hall and lobby staircase WC and cloakroom facilities for visitors The museum provides: a hall for holding events (also aplies for catering) a duty team to ensure the normal course of the event a dressing room for participants and performers existent electrical lighting, extra lighting and loudspeakers must be hired from an external supplier and be paid for seperately from this contract cleaning the museum premises The hirer must remove on the same day everything brought into the museum. The hirer of the hall must pay for any deliberate or accidental injury or damage caused either to people or to the premises used by the participants. Damage will be established in writing, the record being kept by a museum employee. The hire rate is ….. The hirer must present an order form in advance, including tax number, account number and registration data. The fee for the hire must be paid to UJP 01100-6030377707 (tax number 80093213), not later than the day of the event.

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