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Complexul Muzeal de Stiintele Naturii Bacau
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"Victor Anestin" Astronomical Observatory, Bacau, Romania
"Victor Anestin" Astronomical Observatory, Bacau

The first permanent astronomy exhibition and the first telescope (November 1976) were placed on K. Mark Street, no. 2 (now demolished). The Planetarium “Victor Anestin” from Bacău was founded in 1981, as a department of the Complex Museum of Natural Science “Ion Borcea”. The exhibition comprises six thematic salons in which the visitors discover information regarding the solar system, galaxies, nebulae, eclipses, etc. The specialists undertake permanent astronomical observation and offer to the public the opportunity to observe astronomical events. Using the planetarium projector the visitors have the occasion to see one of the 250 thematic show, among which: “Earth’s Rotations”, “The sky – from North to South”, “Solar System”, etc.The Astronomical Observatory was founded on the 6th of april 1978, and is located on Trotuş Street no. 8–10, 600266 Bacău District. A visit to Astronomical Observatory assumes: - Permanent exhibition; - Temporary exhibition; - Planetarium show; - Observations with field glass (63/840 mm);

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