Complexul Muzeal de Stiintele Naturii Bacau
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Museum of Natural Sciences "Ion Borcea" (new location), Bacau, Romania
Museum of Natural Sciences (new location)

The first museum of history and natural sciences opens in Bacău at 1-st of January 1959 under the name of Bacău Regional Museum. The first permanent exhibition opened at 31-st of October 1966 in the former building from Karl Marx no. 2. Through the decision no. 284 from 1969 of the County Council was separated the County Museum of natural Sciences. From the 7-th of June 1993 the name of the museum became “Ion Borcea”Complex Natural Sciences Museum. Today, the museum is made up by the following departments: Natural Sciences, Vivarium, Planetarium and Memorial House of Ion Borcea. The Natural Science Museum is shelter in one of the most modern building and the museum library houses over 21000 volumes out o which 6000 are the results of exchanges with museum and research institutions from abroad. The exhibitions are yearly visited by a number of 15000 visitors. Since 2003 Museum of Natural Sciences has a new location. A new building with a modern arhitecture hosts the laboratories, library, collection storage and administration department.

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