Burg Altena, Germany
Museum of Human Disease
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School Programs
Microscopy Lab

The following programs will be available in 2006: In Search of Better Health (HSC Biology) Bionics/Humans at Work (HSC Senior Science) Medical Terminology Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases (Junior HS Science) Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Museum workshop programs include: Introductory talk and video relevant to topic A guided session in the Discovery and Microscopy Labs to observe microscopic specimens of diseased tissue and access computer terminals and the museumís CD ROM to investigate the appearance of diseased organs with accompanying full colour images of specimens Opportunity to study hundreds of museum displays of diseased tissue at macroscopic level Detailed histories of the disease accompany each specimen and experienced volunteer staff are also present to assist visitors. Up to date charts and models enable in depth exploration of a wide range of diseases.

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