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Spirit of Impressionism, Works by Valley Youth
Student Artist

“Spirit of Impressionism, Works by Valley Youth” opens on June 1, 2001 featuring works by students from all over Maricopa County. The exhibit, which runs through the summer, is the finale of the Museum’s 2000-2001 Arts Education Program. Fleischer Museum’s Arts Education Program is provided for K-12 students in Maricopa County. This program has been in existence since the Museum’s inception in 1990 and participation has grown to include 7,000-10,000 students per year. The Arts Education Program, which is provided to all schools at no cost, allows students to view masterworks of art and then express their own artistic creativity as they put oil pastels to drawing paper. The Arts Education Program runs annually through the academic school year. Students begin visiting Fleischer Museum in August. Student tours continue through May, culminating with the “Student Exhibition” in June, which is displayed in the Museum’s sculpture court throughout the summer. The students selected to participate in the exhibition, along with their families, teachers and principals, are invited to a reception in their honor at the close of the show in August.

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