Neot Kedumim The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
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Threshing Floor
Sifting grain: Visitors try their hands at "bringing forth bread from the earth.

Wheat, especially in the form of bread, was the chief food in ancient Israel, supplying 50% of the daily caloric intake. It was not easy to "bring forth bread from the earth." Farmers had to plow the rocky soil, sow the seeds, reap the grain, bind the sheaves, thresh, winnow, sift, grind the kernels into flour, sift the flour, knead the dough, and bake. But even more difficult than the backbreaking labor was the precarious nature of growing wheat in Israel. If the winter rains don't come at the right time, there is no wheat. Here, visitors can experience the tasks of the grain field and threshing floor, and find out about the combination of natural forces and human labor that bread embodied.

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