Burg Altena, Germany
Neot Kedumim The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
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The "Pool of Solomon"
Home to friendly ducks, the pool reflects the tall date palms growing beside it.

The author of Ecclesiastes, traditionally King Solomon, wrote: "I laid out gardens and groves where I planted fruit trees of every kind. I made pools of water to irrigate a forest springing up with trees" (Ecclesiastes 2:5-6). The "Pool of Solomon" links the area of the Song of Songs, traditionally associated with the young King Solomon, with the area of Wisdom Literature, which belongs to the older wise king. Date palms tall, majestic, the only major source of life in the desert were an ancient and powerful symbol of victory. Jesus was greeted with palm fronds during his triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday (John 12:12-13).

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