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Maison-Musée Ted-Jacobs
     M Y S T E R I O U S   I T E M S     
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Ceremonial teapot, Tibet, 15th Century.

Oil, 26x22" 1988. The Fifteenth Century Tibetan ceremonial teapot that is the model for this painting is exhibited alongside it, in the Asiatic Room. This room also contains a thousand year old Thangka from Ch9inese Turkestan, depicting Srong Tson Gompa, the king who proclaimed Buddhism as the state religion, after having been converted by his two buddhist wives, one Chinese, the other Nepali. This room is furnished with an Eighteenth Century Chinese chair, two Japanese Tansu chests, a samll Tibetan portable table and some Asian statuettes and art objects, including a lovely sculpted 18th Century Chinese brush holder, A small antique Tibetan ceremonial cup, an antique Samurai sword, and various other objects. Elsewhere in the house are Asian antique porcelaines and faience. For fifteen years the artist was the disciple, in America, of an emigre Tibetan lama, Geshe Wangggyal.

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