Burg Altena, Germany
Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg
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Floorplan of the Stiftsmuseum
First Floor

2 Roman history: Archaeological finds from roman castra along the Main-Limes from Stockstadt to W÷rth 3 Late antique period and migragion period: Romans, Burgunds and Alamanns in the Lower Main Region: Archaeological finds from cemeteries and villages from Stockstadt, Kleinwallstadt, Gro▀welzheim, Kahl and Aschaffenburg 4 Early medieval period: The Lower Main Region during the Frankish era: Archaeological finds from cemeteries at Wenigumstadt, Niedernberg, M÷mlingen, Pflaumheim and Obenau 5 History of the convent: Informations about the history of Aschaffenburg, the convent St. Peter and Alexander and the chapter house 6 Stuccoed room, clerical vestments: Clerical vestments from Aschaffenburg churches, archaeological finds from the former deens house illuminating the life of the convent priests. 7 Vaulted room: Medieval sculpture and epigraphic stones from Aschaffenburg and its environ 8 Old chapter room "Bell room": Sculpture from the convent church, bells from Aschaffenburg and its environ, informations on the former chapel of St. Michael 9 Convent court: Architectural remains of St. Michaels chapel, stone monuments from the medieval and early modern period

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