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Spring, Beyond The Volga, c.1950 by Alexei Pavelovich Belykh
Spring, Beyond The Volga, c.1950, 39.13" x 35.13" o/c

In 1952, Belykh took part in the All Union exhibition of Amateur Artists. Highly praised by critics, the painter was invited to enter the Surikov Institute of Art. Following graduation, Belykh returned to Kostroma where he worked as a teacher, and later as a professor, at the College of Art. Belykh is one of the most active participants in regional exhibitions. In 1964, he created a number of canvases regarding people in the lumber industry. Laborers are the main theme of Belykh's work. The spirit of his characters, rarely seen motions and conditions of nature are captured on his canvases. In the picturesque harmony of nature, this painter feels the beauty of life. Portraits of his mother, milkmaids, and old collective farmers reproduce the images of the strong Soviet people.

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