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Everything Is In The Past, 1953 by Nikolai Konstantinovich Kazakevich
Everything Is In The Past, 1953, 13.5" x 19" o/cardboard

Kazakevich spent his childhood among woods, meadows and fields of Byelorussia. The beauty of nature forever left a mark on his mood and creative activity. During the Great Patriotic War, he lost his parents and found his home in an orphanage not far from Minsk. In 1955, he graduated from the Minsk Art school and became a student at the Byelorussian State Theatre-Artistic Institute. In his compositions, he used the human figure like a subject that is a part of the landscape. The colorist is sensitive to the nuances of tone in nature. At the same time, his vigorous brushwork gives the painting life and movement.

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