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The Beginning Of Spring, 1961 by Yelena Leonidovna Leonova
The Beginning Of Spring, 1961, 31.25" x 38.25" o/c

Leonova's first works were genre pictures following the traditions of the Soviet Painters. Far from perfect, they revealed what would later develop in the artist's works, a sincere, human and lyrical understanding of the world. Recently she has preferred to paint still lifes which are simple and beautiful. She likes to paint windows, following the traditions of Russian artists of the fin de sie'cle. To paint a window is to show someone's life on the background of a landscape. It is a way of revealing the artist's philosophy of life. While the village windows in the pictures of Leonova show her admiration fo the beautiful scenery and country life, the city windows are often associated with sad thoughts of human life. The idea of loneliness of a human being is a big city is expressed. All the details have symbolic meaning.

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