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The Mechanic, 1959 by Dmitri Ivanovich Shmelyov
The Mechanic, 1959, 31.25" x 23.25" o/c

Born in the town of Tambov, Shmelyov entered an art school in 1934. Called to service in the Red Army in 1938, he was demobilized in 1939 and began work as a decorator. From 1941-46, he again served in the army and participated in military action, for which he was awarded several medals. After the war, he returned to work as a decorator. He studied art from 1950-56. While a student in 1955, he ventured into the Virgin Lands. Since 1958, Shmelyov has been living in Gorki where he has participated in many exhibitions. He prefers portrait painting, often in a historical setting, capturing the human destiny.

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