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Melon Plant (Pumpkins), 1945 by Konstantin Alekseevich Shurupov
Melon Plant (Pumpkins), 1945, 19.88" x 31" o/b

K. A. Shurupov entered the Kharkov Artistic Institute, Where such masters of Painting as Sharanov and Sadilenko were teaching. Because of a rearrangement of Artistic high schools, in 1934, Shurupov was moved into the Kiev Artistic Institute in the studio of the artist, F. Krichevaki. Following graduation in 1939, he was immediately called for service in the Red Army. From 1941-45, Shurupov fought for the Facists as a Sergeant-Major in Communications. For service to his country, he was conferred an order of the Great Patriotic War, a number of fighting medals and received an official message of thanks from Marshal Zhukov. Upon release from the Army, Shurupov began depicting the destroyed country. His period pieces gave him the opportunity to become a member of the Artists’ Union in 1945. Since 1945, he was a participant of the various artistic shows in the Ukraine, as well as in the Soviet Union. At the time of his death, he left a great number of works in collections of the artistic museums, including the Fleischer Museum.

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