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Raccolta Teatrale del Burcardo
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Playbills and programmes
A poster for the actress Tina Di Lorenzo

The collections of playbills and theatre programmes (over 30.000 items) are of great documentary value. Among the old placards are of particular interest the 17th century ones: a notice for the feast in occasion of Philip IV of Spain's son's birth (Milan, 1629), a ban about the use of masks during the Carnival (Milan, 1692) and the edicts concerning the use to go to theatre without paying the ticket (Milan, 1692 and 1710). The collection also includes some bans of the Cisalpine Republic as well as police regulations concerning theatres and dances dating to the first half of 19th century.
Playbills and programmes range from the XVIIIth century until the current season. The collection is moreover constantly enlarged with the playbills coming from SIAE branches and the editors of the yearbook "Teatro in Italia".
The activity of Italian theatres throughout 1800 is largely documented. Some silken bills and a collection of verses and dedications in honour of actors and playwrights are curious witnesses of the XIXth century taste.
A particular mention is due to the season playbills of Teatro dei Fiorentini in Naples (1868-1869) and to that, huge, of Teatro Argentina in Rome (1919-1944).
Lastly, another valuable collection is that of placards, including some items signed by Marcello Dudovich, Adolfo De Carolis and Yambo.

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