Burg Altena, Germany
Raccolta Teatrale del Burcardo
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Paintings, drawings and prints
Eleonora Duse: portrait by Edoardo Gordigiani (1867-1961)

The collections of artistic materials owned by the Burcardo cover a wide range. The biggest is the collection of prints and drawings (over 4.600 items), loose or bound in volume, covering a period of four centuries, from the end of 1500 until our time.
To cite only some of the most precious objects, the prints testifying the activity of great scenographers and decorators of the 16th-18th centuries, the engravings by Jacques Callot, Martin Engelbrecht, G.J. Xavery, the drawings by Adolfo De Carolis for D'Annunzio's editions, Pietro Antonio Novelli's watercolours for Goldoni edition by Zatta , the watercolour costume album for the ballets Muzio Scevola and Bellerofonte staged at the theatre of Via del Cocomero in Florence in 1760 are to remember.
An interesting collection of scenography sketches is present at the Burcardo, including works by Romolo Liverani, Adolfo De Carolis and Galileo Chini. Two collections lately acquired contain a large number of documents on the activity of the scenographers Augusto Carelli and Franco Laurenti.
The Burcardo owns also 120 oil and tempera paintings. Many pictures are inspired to the Commedia dell'Arte and can be dated back to the XVIII century. The biggest part of the collection consists of actors and playwrights portraits between 1800 and 1900, such as the magnificent Eleonora Duse by Edoardo Gordigiani and the younger and more romantic version by Michele Gordigiani, Sabatino Lopez by Michele Cascella, Pirandello by Primo Conti, the young Dina Galli portrayed by Carlo Stratta in her performance of Dario Niccodemi 's Scampolo and Sergio Tofano in the role of Signor Bonaventura by Bertoletti.

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