Burg Altena, Germany
Raccolta Teatrale del Burcardo
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Sculptures and puppets
Characters of the Commedia dell'Arte

The Burcardo collection includes many sculptures, especially portraits of Italian actors and playwrights. There are many plaster copies of the late 19th century, like the busts of Giacosa by Bistolfi, and of Virginia Marini by Ximenes. Among the more interesting sculptures, there is Carolina Gattinelli's head, and several other busts: a young Adelaide Ristori, D'Annunzio portraited as a soldier, Luigi Pirandello by Emilian, Ettore Petrolini by Baldi and Maria Melato by Vedani.
A very interesting and original collection is made of 94 little statues in painted terracotta, representing the different characters of the commedia dell'arte and of the popular theatre, made for Luigi Rasi by Emilio Mancini.
Marionnettes and puppets are another interesting collection of objects made by skilled hands. Among them, a group of Chinese marionnettes of the 18th century, richly dressed in their embroidered costumes, and a group of Sicilian pupi, dressed in their traditional armours.

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