Raccolta Teatrale del Burcardo
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Costumes, accessories and props
Marcello Moretti's costume and masks of the 17-20th centuries

The collections of Burcardo comprehend about 40 complete stage costumes, parts of costumes and stage outfits. Among the most interesting items are the costume of an XVIIIth century Harlequin, Carlin Bertinazzi (1710-1783), and the more recent one put on by Marcello Moretti (1910-1961) in Goldoni's Servitore di due padroni staged by Piccolo Teatro in Milan.
The collection include some costumes belonging to XIXth and XXth century actors, such as Gemma Caimmi, Wanda Capodaglio, Clementina Cazzola, Francesco Ciotti, Teresa Franchini, Andera Maggi, Alessandro Moissi, Andrea Niccoli, Silvia Petriboni Fantechi, Virginia Reiter, Italia Vitaliani; the costumes for the première of La figlia di Iorio in 1904, worn by Ruggero Ruggeri and Oreste Calabresi; Ermete Novelli's (1851-1919) costume for Il burbero benefico; Petrolini's Nerone and Fortunello and the costumes used by Tatiana Pavlova (1896-1975) in some of her interpretations.
Recently, the collection has enlarged with some costumes belonging to Anna Fougez, of which a gorgeous night dress designed by Fortuny.

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