Burg Altena, Germany
Schlossmuseum Aschaffenburg
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Wilhelm Friedrich Graf von Sickingen
Inv.Nr. 91/65

Wilhelm Friedrich Earl of Sickingen (1739-1818) served as a state secretary to the archbishop of Mainz and prime elector of the German Empire Friedrich Karl Joseph of Erthal (1774-1802)from 1775 to 1782. He initiated the first plans for an English landscape garden in Aschaffenburg, the Schönbusch, which still exists today as one of the finest examples of English garden architecture in Germany. He and his brother had imprisoned their own father for wasting the family property on alchimistic experiments - a tragedy which inspired Schillers famous drama "Die Räuber" and caused a scandal in 18th century society. After his demission in Aschaffenburg Wilhelm Friedrich returned to the emperial court in Vienna, where he became a close confident of the emperor Joseph II.

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