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Staff at Renishaw Hall
Allways willing to help

Friends of Renishaw Hall C/O Mr Stephen David Fidler Press Release Charity Shop available once again in 2002. Are you a local or National Charity or Community Group? Would you be interested in raising vital funds for your group? Renishaw Hall can offer you the FREE use of a unit at the Hall. You can use this free unit to raise funds, have an exhibition or just to raise awareness of what your groups does. The unit is available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and a Bank Holiday Mondays during the months of April and August 2002. Background In 1995 the Sitwell’s opened to the general public a family Museum and Art Gallery, plus a new tea room and various shops, to complement the Italianate gardens which have been open to the public on various occasions since the second world war. It was decided to open the new venture on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a Bank Holiday from April to September, every Year. It was during 1996 that the idea for the Charity shop was discussed the idea with Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell and they responded positively and agreed to the idea. The enterprising Sitwell’s offered the free use of one of the units in the Old Stables Courtyard surrounded by the Family Museum and other attractions. The First Group to benefit was a local community group based in the village of Renishaw. From then onwards the idea blossomed and local and national community groups and Charities have benefited from the free use of the charity unit. These groups include 1. CAMTAD 2. Sheffield Breast Care Support Group 3. National Kidney Federation 4. Royal Hallamshire Hospital league of Friends 5. Relate 6. N.C.H. 7. Inner Wheel club of Bolsover 8. RSPB Chesterfield Branch 9. The Pituitary Foundation 10. Cats Protection League 11. OSTEOPOROSIS 12. Macmillan Cancer Relief 13. Barnardoes 14. RTMDC If you like more information or would like to book the charity shop, please telephone the estate office on 01246 432310. Volunteers required for light duties at Renishaw Hall. Renishaw Hall the ancestral birthplace of the Sitwell family requires volunteers to look after the many attractions. Duties will include looking after the many visitors, helping and serving visitors in the Coronation Shop, working in the entrance kiosk, answering questions and assisting in the day to day running of the tourism side of the estate. Certain jobs may involve handling money and the volunteer helping with stock control. On special events days we would require garden walkers. Training will be given to all volunteers. Volunteers will asked to dress sensible. Shifts are three hours long, but if you wish you may do a double shift. Volunteers will receive a meal allowance. Renishaw Hall and other attractions are open from April 6th to September 30th on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays Mondays from 10.30am to 4.30pm. During the months of July and August we are also open on a Thursday. You may also be asked to attend the various evening events and at other times. Attractions at Renishaw Hall include 1. 8 acres of Italianate Gardens 2. 300 Acres of Parkland, Woodland & Lakeside Walks. 3. Sitwell Family Museum 4. Costume Gallery 5. John Piper Art Gallery 6. Coronation Room 7. Souvenir Shop 8. Performing Art Gallery 9. National collection of Yuccas Renishaw Hall is available for private tours of the ground floor. A calendar of events is available on request; please telephone the estate office for more details. For those volunteers who wish to occasionally take on other responsibilities, we can offer you work in Renishaw Hall as security guides. This simply entails following parties of visitors around the Hall during the guided tours of the ground floor. Following on from that we can also offer the volunteer the chance of becoming Hall tour guides.

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