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Fort Hays Collections
Fort Hays has many artifacts from Fort Hays including this barracks chair.

Fort Hays has many artifacts on display including furnishings and archeological material recovered at the site in the late 1960s. Highlights include several pieces of Quartermaster Furniture (built by the Fort Hays Quartermaster and used primarily by officers) such as a bookcase and wash stand. Two examples of a barracks chair match exactly the descriptions found in the 1889 U.S. Army Quartermasters Manual. In addition, a variety of weapons are on display including a Springfield .58 caliber rifle musket, a Springfield .50 cal. Allen conversion rifle, several .45 cal. Springfields, a Sharps and Spencer carbine, a .44 cal. Remington and .36 cal. Colt revolver, and several examples of swords. A Native American bow, arrows, and cougar skin quiver are also on display.

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