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Renishaw Hall Racing Colours
old stable complex becomes musuem

The Renishaw Hall Stable Complex built in 1795 by Sitwell Sitwell. This housed the families horses including the Horse Clinker which came second in the Derby around the early 1800's and his buried in the garden and to honour him they named the nearby woods after him, hence the wilderness beyond the park is called Clinker wood. The family Racecourse and Training ground is now under a nearby waste site. The Stable complex now houses the Family Musuem, The Gallery for the Performing Arts, The Costume Gallery, The Renishaw Hall Cafe and the John Piper Art Gallery which are open to the public on Friday's and at Weeekends from Easter to October 10.30am to 4.30pm and at other times by appointment. Web Site: www.sitwell.co.uk E Mail:info@renishawhall.free-online.co.uk Telephone:01246 432310 Fax: 01246 430760

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