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1995. musuem opens at Renishaw Hall Stablex complex
Musuem and Cafe opens

It was the summer of 1994 when Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell sat down together with friends and the workman at Renishaw Hall and decided to turn the derilct Stable comlex in to Musuems and a Cafe. In 1995, the Sitwellian Museum opened to the public for the first time, all the wood and glass display cabinets where made by the workman at Renishaw Hall and these housed exhibits and personal memotoes of the Sitwells through out the ages. Over the next two years the musuem expanded, a art shop was opened as was craft workshops and the Tea room became a Cafe. In 1997 the first ever John Piper exhibition was opened at Renishaw Hall by Johns daughter and this was so such a sucess, the John Piper exhibition has been held here every year. In 1999 the Sitwells opened the Gallery for the Performing Arts, this contains Gowns, Uniforms and personal letters, Pictures of the stars of the silver screen and stage. In 2000 the Gallery for the Performing Arts was extended and The John Piper Art Gallery was moved to a bigger and Brighter room and we added a new venture which was a souvenir and antique shop. In 2001, the Sitwells continued the trend of the family to encourage local and natioanal artists to exhibit at Renishaw Hall AND SEVERAL ARTISTS HAVE HAD EXHIBITIONS . 2003 will soon be here. check out 2003 CALENDER OF EVENTS BY TELEPHONING 01246 432310

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