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Excursions in the local area
The Hays CVB offers free summer tours

The Hays Convention and Visitors Burea offers free tours each night during the summer (June through August). Visitors are picked up at no charge, from the local motels and taken to one of a dozen area attractions. After the tour, the bus returns them to their motels, all at no charge. Attractions include Historic Hays, Old Fort Hays, the downtown walking tour through the heart of historic Hays City, the Ellis County Historical Society and Volga German House, the Sternberg Museum of Natural History (entrance fee charged), the Blue Sky Miniature Horse Farm (entrance fee charged), the Cathedral of the Plains in nearby Victoria, Kansas, the Barbed Wire Museum and Post Rock Museum in nearby LaCrosse, Kansas, and the Ellis Railroad Museum. For more information, check out the Hays CVB web page at

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