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Museum Shop Specials
"Goodbye Sallie Ann"

The Fort Hays State Historic Site Museum Store offers a wide variety of quality merchandise for museum visitors. The Store has a wonderful collection of books on the subjects of women in the west, Native Americans, and the U.S. Army and their role in the Plains Indian Wars, including over a dozen titles on the subject of General George Armstrong Custer, alone. In addition, there is a wide selection of titles for children. There are over 100 different post cards of high quality photographs of Native Americans and U.S. Military figures. Also included are artists prints by well-known Kansas artist Jerry Thomas that depict several historical incidents that took place at or near Fort Hays. Highlighted is the beautiful print "Goodbye Sallie Ann" that depicts the release of the Cheyenne prisoners from the Fort Hays guardhouse in 1869. This painting, meticulously researched, shows the central figure of Moh-nah-se-tah (meaning grass that shoots in the spring), a Cheyenne woman who Tom Custer (George's brother) called Sallie Ann, "young and attractive...the acknowledged belle among all other Indian maidens." She and 52 others were held prisoner at Fort Hays after the 7th Cavalry attacked their village along the banks of the Washita River in present-day Oklahoma in the winter of 1868. Although this was a sad event in the history of the Cheyenne people, by the time of their release after several months of inprisonment, the soldiers and Indians were on good terms. It was a joyous event and as Mrs. Custer described it, the soldiers waved their hats and called out, "Good-bye, Sallie Ann and she turned from right to left to receive the homage her sweek face elicited." The day the painting was unveiled at Fort Hays in 1994, Moses Starr, one of the descendants, said, "We ask the Almighty to bless everyone who looks at it to always remember and have good feelings that these prisoners were released." Contact Fort Hays to obtain your copy of this signed and numbered, limited edition print, or any other item in the Fort Hays Museum Store.

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