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Friends and supporters
The Society of Friends of Historic Fort Hays

Fort Hays State Historic Site has a force of approximately 35 volunteers who assist with daily operations as well as educational programming and special events. For those unable to give that kind of help, the Society of Friends of Historic Fort Hays was chartered in 1988. The membership is over 120 individuals who provide financial assistance in the form of yearly dues in the Society. Each member received a quarterly newsletter, The Post Returns, as well as advance information on upcoming events and special programs. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in American history, the history of Kansas, the U.S. military during the Plains Indian Wars (1865-1890), or Fort Hays. Annual Membership dues range from Individual memberships at $10, Family at $15, and Business or Organizational memberships at $25 per year. Lifetime memberships are $250. Contact the Society of Friends of Historic Fort Hays at the address, phone and email addresses for Fort Hays State Historic Site.

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