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Young Troopers
The 2001 Young Troopers Camp

Fort Hays offers several special activities including this weekend-long camp for kids called "Young Troopers". The camp is open to 20 boys and girls who have just graduated from 5th grade. It is offered at no cost and is supported by the Kansas State Historical Society, the Society of Friends of Historic Fort Hays, and the Ellis County Community Partnership. Children camp overnight using tents like those used by the Frontier Army, eat food prepared over a campfire, learn about Native Americans, and the U.S. Army of the 19th Century. They march, work and live like soldiers at Fort Hays in 1869. At the end of the camp they take home a t-shirt, cap, diploma, group photograph and, most importantly, a greater appreciation for the rugged life our forefathers lived in western Kansas.

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