The Samarkand Peace Museum Project
     M U S E U M   D E V E L O P M E N T , -   H I S T O R Y     
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History of the Museum's Foundation
Activists of the museum

It all began, actually, with ... the international language Esperanto. In 1977 we initiated the launch of the "Esperanto" International Friendship Club, which subsequently became one of the most active in the country. We began an international correspondence in Esperanto, made friends in many countries and, using what Esperantists sent us, began to organize a variety of exhibitions on different subjects, including a cycle of international exhibitions entitled "Peace - the Hope for the Planet", which were successfully staged in Samarkand, Tashkent, and in a series of cities in Russia. Over time, the materials we were sent - posters, drawings, postcards and so forth - grew into the "Esperanto" club's collection and became the foundation of the future International Museum of Peace and Solidarity opened by the Esperantists of Samarkand on 31 December 1986 to mark the International Year of Peace. In 1989, by decision of the board of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Culture, the Museum was awarded the honoured designation of "People's Museum". It took as its motto some words by the great Uzbek poet and humanist Alisher Navoi, who issued the challenge five centuries ago: "Mind, ye peoples of the Earth, Enmity is an evil state. Live in friendship, one and all - Man can have no kinder fate."

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