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Renishaw Stables Museum and Art Gallery
     M U S E U M   D E V E L O P M E N T , -   H I S T O R Y     
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The Museum in the Georgian Stables
Notes for the NewComer

The Stables at Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire, occupy the site of a house that belonged to three successive families, the Wigfalls, Newtowns- related to the great Sir Isaac- and the Simpson and when the last Mr Simpson died in 1795, there nieghbour Mr Sitwell Sitwell, later first Baronet, bought there property that had long co-existed in the middle of his own and called in a alocal architect, known as Joseph Badger of Sheffield.Two years earlier Bbadger had added the Dining Room on to the original Manor Hose built by George Sitwell in 1625, the first of many additions, new buildings and follies in and around the Park. Hhere his instructions were to pull down the Simpsons house and erect a new Stable Block in the claasical style with six turrents, four at the corners and two in the middle of the nothern and southern elevations with a fine Tuscan portico and clock tower above, facing the Hall. By the middle of the this century the racing stud had long gone and the horses supplsanted by Fresian Cows, the property of the Gratton family, tenent farmers who lived in the central turret on the south side. Under the present owners modern farm buildings have been constructed and the farmers re-housed in a custom built bungalow. The future of the Stables, now largely abondened, became a promblem. Thus hence the idea for the Museum, art galleries and Tea Rooms became a reality. Alec Cobb and his assistant designed the layout. the clour schemes and the elaborate display cabinets and the rest is history.

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