Palma de Mallorca, Spain

ARTIST Mrs. Francesca Martí
Born Soller, Spain

Francesca Martí

She lives in Stockholm and Biniaraix (Mallorca), in between the misty light and the urban skyline of the historic northern city and the quiet nature of one of the most beautiful mediterranean landscapes. She travels frequently looking for culture and experience, capturing with her sharp gaze glimmers of life, emotions and visual sensations which she stores in her camera. And maybe it is that same vital tension that turns her life into a neverending to and fro of emotional, sensorial and intellectual impressions that take her from the primitive to the industrial and from traditional to contemporary. This vital tension may explain the dual artistic drive that manifests itself and finds its balance in the diversity of languages she develops in her work.In 1989, after finishing her art studies, Francesca Martí made her debut in the mallorcan artistic circuit. Her painting, typically postmodern and hybrid, integrated references that were as diverse as the flat colour from pop art or photography, drawing and the mediterranean impressionist tradition. Her preference for primary, contrasted colours, which defined this first stage of her career, would soon go beyond the limits of painting to find in the language of photography and videoart its natural medium.
Martí always starts from the internalization of experiences, concerns and feelings which she transfers onto her works by means of a mise en scène which is specifically designed for every project. She has made her images the vehicle of a visual reflection which at times has a clear surrealistic taste. The artist, who writes, directs and manipulates stories imagined by herself, gives an outstanding role to music in her productions, which has led to a close collaboration with belgian composer and director Dirk Brossé, with whom she has worked in the making of, among others, the video "Music & Fly".
Her exhibition trajectory clearly shows an ascending progression. Starting off in the mallorcan artistic scene (with exhibitions in Casal Solleric de Palma, la Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca and last year in La Lonja de Palma de Mallorca, among others), Martí has moved to the international art world with a continuous presence in art fairs and internationally reknowned biennals (ARCO, Art Cologne, Art Miami, Bienal de Alejandría, etc.). Her participation in the exhibition“Como se hacen las imágenes” at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, marks a breaking point in her career.

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