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81-10 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-Ku

ROK-Seoul, 135-954 Korea, Dem.P.Rep.Of
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GALERIE BHAK is one of the leading galleries which was established in Seoul, Korea in March 1993. The gallery is specialized in contemporary Korean and international art including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and installations.

GALERIE BHAK has obtained a reputation in organizing ambitious and innovative exhibitions and "the Contest of the Young and Challengeable Artists". Furthermore, the gallery is contributing to contemporary artistic thought and Korean art through original exhibition ideas, and participating in international art fairs such as Art Miami, Art Chicago at Navy Pier, San Francisco International Art Exposition, Art Palmbeach, Art Brussels, Nicaf in Japan and Art Cologne etc. Whenever taking part in art fairs, Galerie Bhak did successful show and got much good responses from the visitors.

GALERIE BHAK currently represents about 30 artists who are selected solely on the basis of their aesthetic quality and intellectual appeal ; Nam June Paik, Young-Sung Hwang, Sup Ham, Tschang-Yeul Kim, Soo-Ryong Park, Seo-Bo Park, Chang-Young Kim, Yun-Hee Toh, Ufan Lee, Beyong-Seok Ahn, Lore Bert, Mike & Doug Starn, Francois Morellet and so forth.

Kim, Moon-Kyu Kim, Sun-Rae Kim, Chan-Il

Kim, Tschang-Yeul Kim, Chang-Young Nico Colle

Do, Yoon-Hee Lore Bert Park, Seo-Bo

Nam June Paik Paik, Yoon-Ki Shim, Soo-Koo

Ahn, Byeong-Seok Eric Orr Tom Wesselmann

Lee, Kyoung-Jae Lee, Suk-Ju Lee, Ufan

Rhee, Jeong-Yoen Michiko, Itatani Jeong, Hyun-Sook

Cho, Sung-Mook Francois Morellet Hwang, Ho-Sup

Ham, Sup Pack, Soo-Yong

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