Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques
Basel, Switzerland
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  11 Nov - 26 Nov 04
Temples and Castles - 19th Century Indian Architectural Photography
Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques, Basel, Switzerland
"In fact, the architecture of the country may be considered as a great stone book, in which every tribe and race has written its annals and recorded its faith and that in a manner so clear that those who run may read (James Fergusson, 1866).
  02 Nov - 07 Nov 06
Kinda Blue - Indigo Dyed Textiles of Rural Japan
Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques, Basel, Switzerland
Textile dealers Alan Marcuson and Diane Hall of Brussels and London will be showing a selection of rural Japanese indigo textiles at the gallery of Bachmann Eckenstein in Basel from November 2-7.

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