Timeless Relics
Houston, United States
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The founder of Timeless Relics, Inc. is Derek McDonald of Houston, Texas. Formerly a luxury and specialty automobile dealer and builder for over 13 years, Mr. McDonald acquired a taste for collecting rare and exotic automobiles and art early in his life. After establishing his personal collection of rare collectibles, Mr. McDonald had lost his zeal for the automobile business, and decided to change careers and become an art dealer.

Soon after the creation of Timeless Relics, Inc. in 2003, Mr. McDonald partnered with Dr. Steven R. Levy, another private collector and close friend of many years. Dr. Levy has a keen eye and appreciation for Pre-Columbian Art and Mr. McDonald has developed a deep and growing knowledge for African Art. Together, these two avid collectors make a solid partnership, each offering their own skills and talents, which complement and balance the other.

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