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  Literaturnyj Muzej G. Guliama iz Fergana Uzbekistan, Kokand
  Memoralnij Muzej Juldas Ahunbabaev Uzbekistan, Margelan
  Memorialnyj Muzej Abu Ali Ibn Sina Uzbekistan, Afcona
  Mouhtar Ashrafi Museum Uzbekistan, Taskent
  Muzej Hamza Hakim-Zade Niazy Uzbekistan, Fergana
  Muzej Obscestvennogo Zdorovja Uzbekistana Uzbekistan, Taskent
  Respublikanskij Prirodovedceskij Muzej Uzbekistan, Taskent
  Sadriddin Aini Memorial Museum Uzbekistan, Samarkand
T Samarkand State Museum of Cultural History of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Samarkand
Samarkand State Museum of Cultural History of Uzbekistan is one of the biggest museums in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.
  Sergej Borodin Muzej Uzbekistan, Taskent
  Sitora Mochy-Chosa Museum Uzbekistan, Mochy-Chosa
  Sitorai Mochi-Khosa Uzbekistan, Buchara
  Surchandarinskij Kraevedceskij Muzej Uzbekistan, Termez
  Tashkent Historical Museum of the People of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Taskent
T The Samarkand Peace Museum Project Uzbekistan, Samarkand
The Samarkand Peace Museum Project is a grassroots initiative committed to the universal human values, dedicated to the promotion of peace through citizen diplomacy, culture and the arts.
  Ulug-Beg Memorial Museum Uzbekistan, Samarkand
 [1-20]  Museum 21-36 of 36  

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