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Trilobite - Copyright Manitoba Museum of Man and Natuer
Trilobite - Copyright Manitoba Museum of Man and Natuer

(07.09.2000 , Canada, WINNIPEG )
Discovery of worlds largest trilobite

World's Biggest Trilobite

Canadian paleontologists working in northern Mnitoba have discovered the world's largest recorded complete trilobite fossil.
The 445 million-year-old fossil is over 70 cm in length, 70%longer than the previous record holder. Trilobites, an extinct group of sea-dwelling arthropods (joint-legged animals)distantly related to crabs, scorpions and insects, are among the
most familiar fossils of the Paleozoic Era (about 545-250 million years ago). Their fossil remains are eagerly sought by amateur and professional paleontologists. Most trilobites were between
3 and 10 cm long. The giant trilobite was found and recovered during a long-term field project investigating fossil life along a Late Ordovician age tropical coast.
The project is led by Graham Young (Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature) and Bob Elias (University of Manitoba); the trilobites are being studied by Dave Rudkin (Royal Ontario Museum).

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