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language: German
Title Do you know Mr. Rox?  
Date 19. Juni 2001  
oraganization Kultur- und Schulverwaltungsamt  
Author Mr. Heinz Zimmer  
Museum Abenteuermuseum Saarbrücken - Sammlung Heinz Rox-Schulz, Germany, Saarbrücken  
Short version 489 Words  

 Short version

Do you know Mr. Rox and his Adventure Museum in Saarbrücken/Germany?!
If you don't, the following text will make you acquainted with the man and his story.
Heinz Rox-Schulz was born in Königsberg (today's Kaliningrad)in 1921,read as a juvenile boy the German Rider-Haggard-like adventure stories of Karl May and was an ace in sports. After the Nazis had tried in vain to get rid of him on the Russian front in WW II., he discovered shortly afterwards in a British prisoner-of-war camp his artistic abilities and Heinz Schulz became Mr. Rox, the acrobat.
From than on he toured as a one-man-show through postwar Germany until he received out of a sudden in 1950 a telegramm from Madrid with an engagement in a cabaret. With no money in his pockets, he took the way to the Spanish capital.
A few months later he was to be seen in the Gordon Cabaret in Khartoum, than in Dehli and than - in the shades of the Himalaya - in the Hill Stations of the British and Indian crème de la crème. Shortly afterwards he trained the fat bodyguards of the Rajah of Lucknow, shot the documentary film "Indian Rhapsody" and travelled on to visit the Naga headhunters of Assam.
The German artist had become an artistic globetrotter.
In 1955 Rox returned to his home country and wrote the two books "Around the world without money" and "India - Heaven and Hell".
Two years later he was driven into the world again. This time he went to South America, where he rode side by side with gauchos in the Gran Chaco of Paraguay, came between the fronts of American oil prospectors and Morro Indians and paddled on a one-man-expedition - his photo- and his filmcamera in his bags - up into the green hell of Amazonia to live a few months with the Chácobo tribe on the border of Bolivia and Brazil. Another film and hundreds of photographs from a world you can find nowadays only in the older issues of the National Geographic Magazine were shot, a new book written. Called "Loco Gringo" ("Mad Gringo"). Between 1958 and 1962 Rox travelled from Tierra del Fuego to Venezuela, dug for mummies in the Ica Valley of Peru and visited the Jívaros, from whom he got two real shrinking heads, which are staring from behind the glass boxes in the Adventure Museum today.
Back in Germany, Rox became a TV-freelancer travelling the Sahara Desert, East- and Western-Africa, Sibiria and the Far East. Soon after he was called "The King of adventurers" and "The German Jack London" by the media.
Since 1980 he is the director of his own museum, the Adventure Museum in Saarbrücken/Germany, where you could meet him and see all the curiosities he had collected on his travels all over the world.

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