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language: English
Title Gebel Barkal Museum  
Subtitle Historical background  
Date 30. Juli 2009  
oraganization NCAM  
Author Mr. manager Murtada Bushara Mohamed  
Museum Barkal Museum, Sudan, Karima  
Short version 299 Words  

 Short version

Gebel Barkal one of the regonal museum in sudan it locate in the northern part of sudan(Northern State)about 400km north of the Capital(Khartoum)and 1200 km south of Karnak(Egypt)and 380 km north east Meroe(the Royal city)8km from Sanam abu dom(administration city of napata)12km up stream from El-kuru (the ancient royal cemetery of Napatan kingdom)10km west of Nuri(the second royal cemetery of Napatan Kingdom) an like 200m NE the holy mountain (Gebel Barkal)the religus center of Napatan Kingdom which it has been suscriped in Unesco(WHC) in 2003 under the Title Gebel Barkal and the sites of napatan region which it consit of(Gebel Barkal,Kuru,nuri,Sanam and Zuma)
The Musem conistruct in 1979 and used as store for the the object of Meroe (the new one)Museum which it has been distroied by the flood of the Nile .ant it cosist of three room different size(megerment)and shelter in front of the main gate of the Musem
in 2005 the museum open for the vister with agreat efort of the staf of NCAM(National Corporation fo antiquities and museum) in Karema office(Mr M Bushara, Mr A Musa,Ms A Seham, Ms T Amani,Mr H Fadouland thea Researcher From Greece Alexandros Tsakos and consulte of expert of British Museum DrDerek A Welsby and Suport of american mission in Gebel Barkal DrTimothy Kindaland University of Roma and Kasino Prof Rokati and Dr Erene.
for the begining the Museum start with one room for the display as a pairmenat display then with temparoty expedition room the first one contain many statue representing the Gods which it had been worshiped during the Napatan and Meroitic time like the Ram Amon and the Liopn Apadmak

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